About Me

Welcome to my blog!

I am an Associate Professor of Undergraduate Studies in the Health Science and Social Welfare at Kibi International University.

I received my Bachelor of Liberal Arts at the Open University of Japan,  my Masters of Occupational Therapy at the Tokyo Metropolitan University of Health Sciences and my Doctor of Philosophy at the Tokyo Metropolitan University.

I study the Dissolution Approach for Belief conflict (DAB).

I developed a DAB using various study methods such as philosophical research, quantitative research, and qualitative research.

DAB is a super meta theory to overcome various conflicts and is applied in various fields such as health care, education, and engineering.

I also study occupational therapy and occupational science.

Particularly, I study the Occupation Based Practice 2.0 (OBP2.0) developed by Dr. Mutsumi Teraoka.

OBP2.0 implements two functions: team management and occupational dysfunction assessment and intervention.

Moreover, OBP 2.0 is a unified model of occupational therapy and DAB, and it is applied in various fields such as  hospitals, facilities, nursing homes, rehabilitation programs, and communities.